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Sweet Breads:

Gata     -  An Armenian sweet bread, with a delicious vanilla filling.

Challah -  A Jewish traditional sweet bread, with raisins.

Almond Roll - Similar to our Challah, is also a sweet bread but with almonds.

Sukhari - A Russian traditional toasted bread that is mildly sweet. like biscotti.

White, Whole Wheat, Multi Grain, Mixed Wheat and Rye Breads:

Barbari - A Persian white flat bread, with sesame seeds.

Puri      - A Georgian traditional white loaf baked to perfection to achieve super softness.

Matnakash - In Armenian, literally meaning "hand stretched". Is also a white loaf with a crisper shell and soft inside.

Sandwich Rolls - These awesome buns come in a package of 6, and are round burger or sandwich breads.

Dark Rye  - A Russian dark rye bread. sliced

Whole Wheat - Sliced bread, made with whole wheat flour.

White       - White sliced bread   

Lavash    - Armenian thin flat bread, great for wraps! comes in white and whole wheat.     

Farmervesper Bread - A German bread

Mixed Wheat Bread - A German bread

Crusty Farmervesper - A German bread

Crusty Farmers Bread - A German bread

Ukrainian                        - Ukrainian bread

Crusty Bread                - A German bread

Lanbrot                         - A German bread

Borodinsky Coriander - Russian Rye

Multi Grain                     - A German multi grain bread.

Pane Bianco                 - A German bread

Pastries and Cakes :

Tiramisu - In Italian, literally meaning "pick me up" is a delicious desert made with ladyfingers and coffee.

Cappuccino Cup - Delicious pastry with cappucino cream, chocolate and topped with wipped cream.

Napoleon - Also known as Mille-feuille, in French meaning "thousand sheets" is a very light but delicious pastry.

Chocolate Napoleon - Similar to the Napoleon, made for our chocolate lovers with real Godiva chocolate.

Rum ball -  Golf ball sized confections, with chocolate and a sip of rum added for an amazing chocolaty taste.

Smetannik - Russian cake, made with sour cream.

Kievskiy    - Ukrainian cake, with merang, walnuts and chocolate cream.

Chocolate Prince - Chocolate cake with cherry cream layers.